Operation Coexist


Operation Coexist, Inc. is a nonprofit organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code working to improve the quality of life through the healing power of music. We host and sponsor concerts and music festivals to raise money to provide funding for music education programs for children in the local foster care system.


Our team assists in promoting the local music scene by creating opportunities for musicians and music lovers to give back to the community through performing, volunteering and attending our events. Students are given the opportunity to perform in these events with local and national acts to help with outreach for our cause.


“Young music fans aren’t just being lazy and avoiding real life issues and avoiding getting a real job, they are out changing the world by taking action. Many people’s misconception about our new generation will quickly change when they learn about the music community and all of the young people who are changing the world.” – Hopeless Records, Take Action


Operation Coexist is governed by a board of directors dedicated to increasing music education programs in the Tampa Bay area. It is our priority to provide the keys for life long success for our students transitioning out of the foster care system through their music education. We believe that if anything is going to change this world then it has to be done through music.


Operation Coexist is working in a collaborative effort with the Noisemakers Music School and the Music Education Department at St. Petersburg College to create a program that provides instruments and weekly music lessons to kids in foster care in the Tampa Bay area at no cost to the foster family. Students are given the option to take a variety of different lessons including voice, piano, percussion, and guitar, to name a few.


Students that stay in the program for at least one year they are placed into student bands with other kids in their age range and skill level. Our goal is to help our students with their transition out of the foster care system by graduating from high school and continuing to pursue their music education with opportunities for scholarship at SPC.


Students are given the opportunity to perform in concerts and showcases featuring local and national artists. They also have the opportunity to make live recordings in a professional recording studio.


All lessons take place at the Noisemakers Music School at 5511 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lessons are given by student interns provided by the Music Education Department at SPC. See application for additional information.



Frequently Asked Questions

How are children accepted into the program?

A child can apply through a caseworker, a foster parent, or another volunteer who is involved in working with the child. The child has to be actively in the foster care system and between the ages of 6 to 17 years old.

What type of lessons are available, where do they take place, and who are the teachers?

-We offer lessons in voice, piano, guitar, drums, bass, violin, ukulele, saxophone and many others. All lessons take place at the Noisemakers Music School in St. Petersburg, Florida. The teachers are working as student interns which are provided by the MIRA program at SPC. Each lesson is 30 minutes in length on a weekly basis and schedules may vary depending on the specific needs of the student and the teacher.

Are lessons free? Are instruments provided?

Yes, lessons are free and instruments are donated at no cost to the student. Transportation must be individually provided unless special circumstances are otherwise arranged. In some cases, public transportation and bus passes can be made available to the student at no cost by the organization.




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